Power and Comfort
Making Light of Your Load
The masters of the long and winding road deserve the most powerful and comfortable companion. Whether it’s a 4x2, 6x2 or 8x2, the Ford Trucks Road Series offers endless options in road trucks.
Multiple Cabin Options

On the long road, you live inside your truck. With sleeper cab, day cab, high and low roof options, the ergonomic cabins of Ford Trucks are designed to meet different needs, while offering unconditional comfort on the road.

Automated Transmission
Automated Transmission

Anticipating the next hill or bend before you do, it selects the ideal gear for all conditions. Switching modes to match your needs, it allows you to take control of your truck wherever you are. 


Automated Transmission
9-Speed Eaton Transmission
9-Speed Eaton Transmission

The 9-speed Eaton ESO-14409 manual transmission was designed specifically for Ford Trucks to improve reliability, vehicle performance, energy efficiency and service lifeWith synchromesh engagement on all forward gears and a 1400 Nm torque capacity, the Eaton transmission easily handles all your needs, whatever your load may be.

Optional Auxiliary Brake Intarder

The Hydraulic Intarder makes the driving uphill feel like driving on the flat when your vehicle is loaded. The auxiliary brake engages whenever you need it, thus extending the service life of service brakes.

Air Rear Suspension

Driving comfort like no other. Air Rear Suspension ensures comfort on long journeys, allowing you to safely carry even the most fragile of loads.

More Than Just a Truck:
A Powerful and Comfortable
Companion from A to B

The Ford Trucks Road Series:
Shortens the Road and Lightens the Load
With the right vehicles for the right job, we are winning on all fronts.
Mehmet Soylu - Company Owner
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